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Flexible Escrow and Discounted SAAS Escrow

Manage your risk and business critical applications
Mitigate against risks and ensure business continuity with the ScotlandIS escrow service
Secure access to vital software source code in a crisis

An Escrow Solution is a specialised form of assurance, where any business critical application or material can be securely deposited with ScotlandIS.

The source code can be accessed if an “enabling” event occurs, such as the Software developer:

  • Going into liquidation, receivership or ceasing to trade
  • Transferring the intellectual property rights of the software to a third party and that third party failing to provide you with Software Escrow protection
  • Failing to meet its obligations under the development or maintenance agreement.

These types of incidents can have a profound impact on clients’ business critical systems and may leave them exposed. Increasingly clients are aware of this and are looking for ways to manage this risk and ensure business continuity

How can we help

ScotlandIS maintains a Software Escrow service. Software Escrow agreements provide protection for users of software applications so that if an “enabling” event occurs, the user can gain access to the source code, alllowing the applications to be maintained and further developed; this ensures business continuity.

Escrow agreements can also act as protection for your source code where it is being used as an element or component of a larger application. Under the agreement the source code will be deposited at regular intervals so that if an “enabling” event occurs either the client can gain access to the current source code, enabling the development to be continued or the completed product to be maintained, or you as the developer can demonstrate that the source code under dispute is that which your business developed. Our Escrow agreements are flexible and can cover source code only, or source code, development tools and access codes as appropriate.

Types of Escrow agreement

ScotlandIS offers two types of Escrow agreement:

Single user licences which, as their name implies, cover the source code developed uniquely for a single client.

Multi user licenses which cover source code for “software “products” where there are multiple customers. This type of agreement is suitable for both end-user clients and distributors.

More information

For further information contact ScotlandIS on 01506 472200 or email Karen Meechan

Prices for our Escrow service are available in the Escrow Prices download

Discounted SaaS Escrow

ScotlandIS is delighted to be working with Legal Escrow and Arbitration Services Ltd to provide our members with a discounted escrow service that has been specifically designed for Cloud based/off premise solutions.


AccessAssure” is a pro-active agreement that independently monitors software providers and warns participants if critical trigger points are reached. This agreement is not a replacement for DR (Disaster Recovery) but the ultimate cover that will protect End Users should their SaaS provider or hosting business fail. As well as many of the standard elements of a software escrow agreement. The AccessAssure  Agreement avoids the need for additional and costly back-ups; provides a contractual nexus where no contractual obligations may exist; and provides an independent monitoring service ensuring continuity of the SaaS service and or movement of data where necessary.

AccessAssure offers SaaS Software Providers the opportunity to reassure their End Users that their business critical software and data will be safe now and in the future.

For further details contact LE&AS Ltd on or call us on 0800 456 115 quoting ScotlandIS.

Please note

Whilst ScotlandIS is pleased to have secured discounted pricing rates for the benefit of those members who wish to make use of the Access Assure Escrow Service, it should be noted that the service is provided by Legal Escrow and Arbitration Services Limited (“LEAS”) and not by ScotlandIS.  On the basis that ScotlandIS has no practical or legal involvement in the provision of LEAS service, each member should carry out its own assessment as to the service’s suitability for its particular needs before deciding whether to proceed.

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